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    Biology Classes

    If your high school children are struggling with biology, or if you would like to challenge them with an early introduction to a new subject, we will be happy to welcome them at our Learning Center.

    Biology for High School

    Grades: 9 – 12

    Private or Semi-Private lessons

    Each lesson is 90 min

    Our biology class is excellent for high school students looking to polish or jumpstart their understanding of biology. With a highly qualified instructor, this class allows students to engage in interactive and gratifying lessons that will teach them the necessary skills to excel in biology. Students will participate in intriguing activities such as labs to ensure their success and foster a healthy learning mindset in biology. LMLC’s biology class correlates to the State education curriculum, so students will receive extensive knowledge in the following topics:

    • Cell Biology
    • Genetics
    • Ecology
    • Evolution
    • Physiology

    AP Biology Test Preparation

    Private or Semi-Private lessons

    Each lesson is 90 min

    Our AP Biology test, prep class gives exceptional help in assisting students to understand all the necessary material needed for the AP exam in depth. As the subject can be challenging to master by yourself, our students receive the clarification and explanation needed to fully grasp the components of biology. Our classes will provide an organized study guide and interactive lessons to ensure success on the AP Biology exam. Aligned with the American education curriculum, our classes will teach students to attain these required skills for the exam:

    • Designing experiments and procedures to test a prediction or theory
    • Interpreting data to draw conclusions
    • Collecting and analyzing data
    • Developing and supporting a scientific claim with evidence

    SAT Biology Subject Test Preparation

    Private or Semi-Private lessons

    Each lesson is 90 min

    Our SAT Biology prep class proves to be an essential step for any student looking to acquire success on the SAT Biology subject exam and showcase their achievement. With the assistance of a professional and well-experienced instructor, students preparing for the exam will attain aptitude over the proper skills and knowledge needed for the exam. Our lessons are engaging and enjoyable for the students to learn, and they will end up demonstrating a deeper knowledge over the following concepts mandatory for the exam:

    • Cellular and molecular biology
    • Ecology
    • Genetics
    • Organismal biology
    • Evolution and diversity


    Affordable Prices

    What Makes LMLC Right for You?


    Individual approach

    We provide one-on-one tutoring or small group classes. There are no more than 6 students in each class, which ensures an individual approach to each student.


    Great Experience

    Our classes are full of exciting educational activities, making our programs both informative and enjoyable.


    Convenient location

    We are conveniently located near Westfield Valley Fair Mall, close to Hwy 17 and 280



    We do our best to adjust our scedule to student’s needs and allow them to choose between online or in-person classes at LMLC or at their place.


    Affordable Price

    Prices start from only $29 per hour for group classes.


    Discounts for multiple classes

    The more classes you take, the better discounts you get!

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    What can we provide for you?

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    • Homework assistance
    • Grade improvement
    • Test preparation




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