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    Our Mission

    Founded in 2013, Languages and Math Learning Center has been offering award winning programs in English, foreign languages, math, science, computer science, art, chess and other subjects to kids and adults. Our classes are conducted in private and small group settings. We strive to provide excellent educational programs in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment

    Our Philosophy

    We believe that every child is unique and gifted, and that the teacher’s main task is to find the proper individualized approach to help each student succeed in class and develop  love for learning. We always consider students’ abilities and learning styles, and our teachers tailor each session to their  specific needs.

    Our Instructors

    Most of our instructors are experienced professionals with Bachelor’s, Master’s or even PhD degrees. Some classes are led by upper grade college students with a high GPA and at least 2 years of tutoring experience. All of our tutors are highly qualified, energetic, and passionate about teaching.




    Our language program is a great resource for bilingual families or anyone looking to expand his or her linguistic horizons. Whether the student is looking for a firmer grasp of his or her native tongue, or wishing to master a new language, our qualified instructors can help. Our teachers can also prepare high school students for the AP and SAT2 exams . 
    All foreign language classes are conducted by native speaking professionals, and they always include a sense of fun, culture, and history.

    Math & Science

    There is a wide assortment of Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science classes being offered at LMLC. Classes are always adjusted to fit any student’s needs, whether they wish to reinforce school curriculum for any grade K-12, or be additionally challenged.

    Test Preparation

    LMLC is proud to offer private and small group classes aimed at preparing students for the SAT and SAT2, as well as AP testing which have proved to be highly effective and have brought us several Best Test Preparation awards. With the help of our experienced instructors, students can walk into the exam calm, confident, and ready to succeed. 

    Other Classes

    Aside from academic classes, LMLC also offers enriching and entertaining courses in art, chess and scratch programming for students of all ages. Students can expect to develop creative and logical thinking skills.

    Get Classes Fitting Your Needs

    Individual Classes

    With private lessons the tutor is able to focus on the concepts that are challenging the student the most and spend less time focusing on concepts the student already understands. and learn difficult material.

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    Small Group Classes

    It is not a secret, that often students are more engaged and eager to learn when placed in a group setting with peers, as the opportunities for collaboration and competition lead to greater motivation.

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    What Makes LMLC Right for You?


    Great Variety of Subjects

    Students are able to pick and choose from our large catalogue of available classes, varying from kindergarten to college-level courses.


    Individual or Group Classes

    Classes are available in one-on-one or group format, depending on the student’s needs and preferences.


    Highly Qualified Tutors

    Most of our instructors are experienced professionals with Bachelor’s, Master’s or even PhD degrees. Some classes are led by upper grade college students with a high GPA and at least 2 years of tutoring experience.


    Affordable Prices

    Tutoring costs are pleasantly obtainable for most, with group classes starting as low as 29 dollars per hour.

    What can we provide for you?

    • New skills
    • Challenging programs for advanced students
    • Homework assistance
    • Grade improvement
    • Test preparation


    What Will You Receive?


    Individual approach

    We provide one-on-one tutoring or small group classes. There are no more than 6 students in each class, which ensures an individual approach to each student.


    Great Experience

    Our classes are full of exciting educational activities, making our programs both informative and enjoyable.


    Convenient location

    We are conveniently located near Westfield Valley Fair Mall, close to Hwy 17 and 280



    We do our best to adjust our schedule to students’ needs and allow them to choose between online or in-person classes at LMLC or at their place.


    Affordable Price

    Prices start from only $29 per hour for group classes.


    Discounts for multiple classes

    The more classes you take, the better discounts you get!

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