Dear Students and Parents,

To ensure that students receive the most benefits from the lessons, we kindly ask you to follow our policies.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Online Classroom Rules

Online classrooms can be challenging at times, and we all need to work together to make sure that classes run smoothly.  We ask that students and parents/guardians follow the instructions below.

When preparing for an online class

  • Try to find a suitable working space that is quiet and does not have many distractions.
  • Make sure there is access to sufficient technology, paper and writing supplies.
  • The student should be properly dressed. Casual attire is perfectly fine.
  • Food and drinks other than water are not permitted during class as they tend to be distracting. If the student has any special conditions relating to food or diet please let us know in advance so that accommodations can be made.
  • In case of any technical difficulties, please contact LMLC immediately at (408)596-1270.

During an online class

  • Log into the Zoom meeting a few minutes early so that each class can start on time.
  • Sign in using the student’s first name.
  • Leave the camera and microphone turned on during the entire class, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Be respectful of everyone else in the Zoom meeting, listen to the tutor’s instructions, and behave appropriately during the lesson. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior may result in the student being muted.

Complete all homework that is due before the start of each class. Lessons are taught online, but material is mastered outside of class!

In-Person Classroom Rules

COVID – 19 Policies

  • All our teachers are fully vaccinated or take weekly tests
  • Masks are mandatory for everyone in the lobby and classroom
  • Everyone should wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after the class
  • Extra room cleaning is provided
  • Anyone who has COVID -19 symptoms, or is diagnosed with COVID -19, or has come in contact with someone infected or diagnosed, is not allowed to stay indoors until he/she provides us a negative test result.

General Classroom and Lobby Rules:

  • Students should listen to the teacher’s instructions and behave appropriately during the lesson. Misbehaving may result in the termination of the course for the day and will be followed by an inquiry with students’ parent/guardian. No refund will be granted in that case.
  • Students should complete all their homework before coming to class. Lessons are taught in the classroom, but they become mastered at home.
  • All books, games, learning devices, and other items are the property of LMLC and are not allowed to leave the office unless through expressed consent of an LMLC teacher or administrator.
  • Students, parents, and guests should respect the items of the LMLC office. This includes treating couches, chairs, desks, books, learning devices, and other accessories of LMLC. Children may not jump or step on the sofa and chairs.
  • Children may not stay unattended in the lobby.
  • Parents are not allowed to be present in the classroom while the lesson is in session. They are encouraged to wait outside in the lobby or elsewhere.
  • Please, remain quiet in the lobby
  • Parents or guardians need to bring in and pick up the children. Kids will not be allowed to leave our Center unaccompanied by an adult.

Make-up Classes and Refunds

  • If a class is canceled by LMLC, students will be granted a make-up class or a full refund.
  • If a private (one-on-one) class is to be canceled by a student for whatever reason, please call at least 24 hours ahead to let us know and schedule a make-up class.
  • No refunds will be given for any classes missed or canceled by a student, but make-up classes will be offered in case LMLC receives a 24-hour notice from the student.
    • Make-ups for private classes should be scheduled with the tutor in accordance with the tutor and student’s availability.
    • If a group lesson is missed with a prior 24-hour notice, the student may attend any other group lesson on any subject of the same class, depending on the student and tutor’s availability.
  • No make-ups will be given for tardiness or canceled classes without a 24-hour notice from the student.


A non-refundable annual registration fee of $60 per person or $75 per family is due every year for each student enrolling in our program. The fee is paid upon enrollment and every September thereafter.

Tuition should be paid monthly in advance, no later than the first lesson of the month. Tuition can also be paid on a semester basis, or up to 6 months in advance.

  • Returned Check Fee:
    • A $25 fee will be charged for each returned check. Please make sure all information written on the check is correct.
  • Late Payment Fees:
    • $20 for tuition paid after the first lesson of the month
    • $1 per late day after the 10th day of the month

For more information, please visit tuition page.

Cancellation Policy

Students must give LMLC a two week notice prior to the termination of classes.