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June – August, 2021

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    Summer Programs

    Don’t let your student spend summer forgetting the entire school year! Bring him / her to our summer programs helping to reinforce and retain existing skills while building new ones to prepare for the new school year ahead. Being a high school student is challenging and overwhelming, however, a summer course at Languages and Math Learning Center can be the perfect preparation for the new school year. Teens will be able to pick from a variety of courses in order to gain and retain knowledge for the next year, feel at ease in the school environment and get ready for the forthcoming SAT or AP tests.

    Be sure that our classes will be specialized for the individual needs of your children, preparing them for whatever classes they need extra guidance in. All of our tutors are experts in their fields and have been reviewed on their teaching abilities, guaranteeing a great experience for any student. Take advantage of these courses before the next school year rolls around!

    SAT Preparation: Math

    Group Classes:

    June 14– July 27

    Tue/ Fri 1:00 pm – 3 pm (12 classes – 2h each)

    No Class on July 2


    June 12 -Aug 21

    Sat 10:00 am – 12:30 pm (10 classes 2.5 h each)

    No Class on July 3

    $30 per hour

    Private classes : Please, contact us for schedule and availability

    SAT Math preparation course covering fundamentals of mathematics needed for the SAT exam. At the lessons the students will learn problem solving strategies, math vocabulary, and review the needed material. There will be a special focus on tips and tricks to help improve students’ scores and avoid technical problems. Each lesson will include a mini test containing SAT styled questions. A small class size (not more than 6 students in a group) will enable the teacher to find an individual approach and tailor the session to the particular needs of each student.

    Please, contact us for the details

    SAT Preparation: English

    Group Classes:

    June 14 – July 27

    Mon/ Wed  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

    No class on July 5th

    (12 classes – 2h each)

    $30 per hour

    Private classes: Please, contact us for schedule and availability

    Our classes will enable students to succeed at the tests. At the lessons they will review all the required vocabulary and grammar material, improve their writing and reading comprehension skills and learn how to avoid emotional problems and be on time at the test. Each lesson will include a mini test containing SAT or ACT styled questions. A small amount of students (not more than 6 kids in a group) will enable the teacher to find an individual approach to each of them and to tailor the session to the individual needs of each group member. These classes are recommended to any 9th – 12th grader, as it is a good refresher for those who have taken the SAT or ACT and felt they can do better, and a great help to those who are facing their first exams.

    Please, contact us for the details

    AP Computer Science A

    These classes will help students who are planning to take this class at school ore planning to take the AP exam by themselves. Classes will incorporate exploring computing in context, learning to build upon existing code using appropriate programming language constructs, and developing problem-solving abilities; tasks will include finding alternative approaches for solving a problem, modifying existing code, and solving new problems. Almost each lesson will include a mini quiz containing AP Computer Science test styled questions.


    Our Geometry classes will formalize and extend students’ geometric experiences from the Elementary and Middle school; develop their spatial sense and abstract thinking and teach them construct viable arguments and apply logic and proof to solve various problems.

    Algebra 1

    These classes will cover all the Algebra 1 topics requiered by the school program, give the students clear understanding of the basic notions of algebra and teach them to apply algebraic expressions into solving practical word problems.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Algebra 2

    This course will teach students to competently manipulate algebraic expressions; understand arithmetic of rational expressions; use the properties of logarithms; expand and hone their abilities to model situations and to solve quadratic and exponential equations. The focus will be made on the development of students’ abilities to reason abstractly and quantitatively and construct viable arguments.

    Please, contact us for the details


    Physics – This enriching summer course is taught by passionate and highly educated science teachers. If you are looking for a learning-intensive coverage of physics then this is the course for you. The class meets all common core requirements and challenge students to think about their world in new ways. Topics covered include: kinetics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, waves, and atoms.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Spanish 1,2,3; AP and SAT 2 Preparation

    Spanish For Teens follows the curriculum of high school Spanish at every level. Whether your student needs extra help with the Spanish class he or she is taking at school, or prefers to learn Spanish independently, our instructors teach age-appropriate classes that balance challenge with support.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Italian 1,2,3; AP and SAT 2 Preparation

    Italian For Teens fills a gap in the course listing of most high schools. A rigorous curriculum builds Italian vocabularies & conversational skills, teaches & perfects grammar, reading and writing . At the AP and SAT 2 prep classes, the students will not only review all the required material necessary, but will also practice taking mini-tests.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Japanese 1,2,3; AP and SAT 2 Preparation

    Japanese classes follow the Californian High School standards and requirements, but the teachers tailor each session for students’ individual needs, as we always consider students’ unique abilities and learning styles. AP prep class covers a broad spectrum of lexical and grammar material, corresponding to the requirements of the Advanced Placement Program and enables students to get ready for the AP exam.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Russian All levels

    We have classes for all levels. Classes for native speakers will be focusing developing and improving the kids’ speaking, writing and reading skills through polishing grammar and enriching vocabulary. Students learning Russian as a second language will grasp the basics of the Russian grammar and vocabulary to be able to read, write and talk on some conversational topics.

    Please, contact us for the details

    Please, contact us for the schedule

    Please, call us to learn more about schedule.

    Terms & Conditions

    • There are no refunds for a missed class unless it’s cancelled by LMLC.
    • In case a student misses classes with a 24 hour notice, he/she is entitled to get a make-up session of the corresponding value on another day in accordance with the class availability.



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